Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Family

Wow it seems like I was posting this same post like 10 posts ago..... Oh wait we were!
In this envelope that Addie is opening is the pictures of the newest member of our family with the gender writen on them, and it was her job to read/announce the gender to the rest of us.
Yeah we get another brother!
Everything looked great (to me that's more important than the gender)
I was temped not to post because of these pictures. This is what our kids look like at the end of a fun filled summer day, so just laugh along with us!

Monday, February 1, 2010

"I Love To See The Temple"

We are SO excited about the announcement made last Monday that there is going to be a temple built here in PAYSON! This is so neat. For Family Home Evening we went and had our picture taken by the temple site. It is going to look amazing!
View looking west (that's West Mountain behind us)

View looking East
On our way home Grayson said "we didn't even see the new temple" -- bless his heart.
It's going to be so fun to see the progress.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Year Pictures

I think it was just a couple posts ago we were announcing the birth of Gordon and now he turns ONE on the 7th!
Gordon is so much fun and keeps us all laughing. He is "officially" walking now and is mastering the stairs (I will be glad to have the gate put in the storage room again)
He is so cute. He has his two little bottom teeth and just ONE, only one top tooth, and it is pretty big so it makes for a super cute smile!
He absolutely loves Addie and Grayson and has to be wherever they are.
Again my friend Amy took his pictures and I love them! He did not want to cooperate so I left a little disappointed. Then she brought the CD and I couldn't believe it, they are so cute.

This horse was my Dad's when he was a little boy.

Love those blue eyes!

We love you so much Gordon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Addie's First Day Of Preschool...again

With an October birthday, Addie gets to go to preschool for one more year. This year she is going to the preschool at the school where Ryan teaches so they both think that is pretty neat. She loves absolutely everything about school and asks every morning if she goes to school that day.
I had to add this photo because I thought it was so cute. Addie and her cousin Eliza love to play together and I hope they stay good friends. They will love this picture years from now.

*Addie had a highlight for the summer. Last week at my parents ward party at the pool she wanted to go off the diving board! (Scary moment for mom) She walked out on the end, got nervous and walked back off. She said she wanted me to go first. I bravely walked out onto the diving board and jumped off. She did the same. It was amazing! We could not keep her off of it for the last half hour the pool was open.

3 Years

Wow! What a cute boy. Grayson just celebrated his third birthday the prehistoric way. Again my friend Amy took his 3 year pictures and I love them. We tried to get some of him with his Dino's in them and they turned out really cute.
Grayson's Favorite things:
Anything sweet
Mom still (thank goodness)
Hot dogs
The Sandbox
Who doesn't like to like the beaters!The yummy cake.

Six Months Old

Our little Gordon is almost seven months old. My friend Amy took these pictures of him a few weeks ago for his six month pictures. She does such a wonderful job!
He is such a calm baby and is always smiling.
His favorites include:
Food of course and lots of it.
The Bathtub
His Sister and Brother
His Dad's "Rocket ship"
He is doing great at the army crawl and is getting rug burns on his elbows from scooting on them. We are not quite sure if we are ready for the crawling. It just means he is growing up way too quickly.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Oquirruh Mountain Temple

Last Thursday we had the great opportunity to go to the Oquirruh Mountain Temple Open -house. It was so beautiful and our kids did amazing considering the lines.
Graysons favorite part was the "cows" or baptismal font. He didn't want to leave that area.
We were also fortunate to shake hands with Elder Russell M. Nelson. As we were walking through the Chapel the usher stoped the group behind us and we were the last ones in our group and I heard the Usher say to the other usher that they need to hold up the line because Elder Nelson was bringing his family into the chapel and when I turned around I saw him a couple people back so I stopped Ryan and we were able to shake his hand. It was the highlight of my night.
That temple is amazing and I am so glad I had the chance to take my children to see inside.