Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Family

Wow it seems like I was posting this same post like 10 posts ago..... Oh wait we were!
In this envelope that Addie is opening is the pictures of the newest member of our family with the gender writen on them, and it was her job to read/announce the gender to the rest of us.
Yeah we get another brother!
Everything looked great (to me that's more important than the gender)
I was temped not to post because of these pictures. This is what our kids look like at the end of a fun filled summer day, so just laugh along with us!


shellyray said...

Congratulations!!! I want another boy! They are so much fun. When are you due?

Kera said...

That's CRAZY!! I'm so excited for you guys! When we get pregnant again, I want to see if I can hold out on finding the gender like you did with little Gordon. We'll see... haha

Natalie said...

Yay! Congratulations!! I didn't even know you were pregnant! Boys are great! I hope we get to see you guys when we are in Utah for Onion Days!!

Tina said...

You are always so sneaky about not announcing until you are 20 weeks! That is wonderful news. So, due around November huh?
I'm glad everything looks great for the baby! How fun to have another boy. I hope Addie is alright with that! So, does this mean I'm supposed to have another boy as well? We need to keep with tradition don't we? This time our kids will be farther a part since I'm obviously not pregnant. You should have given me the heads up!! (j/k)

Ryan and Emilee said...

Tina I wish I would have had a heads up on this one. It caught us a little off-gaurd. I was hoping to try for a 11-11-11 baby (so NEXT November) but there is someone with plans other than us. Now we get a 10-10.

I am now 25 weeks so the actual due date is Oct.30

*NO we are NOT trying for an 11-11-11, so somebody should......Julie

Kera not finding out is so much fun, I would recommend it to anyone. I will even go to the ultrasound with you and cover your eyes.

Melissa said...

Can't wait to meet little Graydon. :) (This is Melissa btw)